The Dream Team

Position: The Real Deal and Owner

Favorite Fabric or Notion: "I can only pick one?!" (Check in with Sharyn often for her most up to date "favorites"). Really though, I think everyone needs their very own Dream Machine, Dream Fabric Frame, PRS100 or at least a PR1000e!


Sharyn started out making clothes for her dolls to dresses for herself. She fell in love with the art of sewing and now she wants to share it with the world! That is if you can catch her!

Position: Task Master / Management

Favorite Fabric or Notion: "Circle Cutter!"


Lisa whipping the team into shape one bolt of fabric at a time!

The Silent but Deadly One

Favorite Fabric or Notion: Anything Vintage but my all time favorite is Little Black Dress! When it comes to notions I love anything Nancy Zieman! (And wait until you see what she has to offer!)


Amanda, or Mandi as most of you may know her, sits quietly in the corner with a smile on her face but don't let that fool you! Mandi will give you a run for your money (literally) when you start picking her brain! She loves embroidery and sewing! Running quilts were her first big break and then she knew she was in love! After that she has gone crazy! Brother, Floriani, Moda, and everyone else who stands in her way doesn't have a chance!


Position: The Wiz Kid

Favorite Fabric or Notion: "Does Floriani Total Control count as a notion?"


Amelia, Amelia she's our girl, if you can't stump her, no one will!!


If you have a question Amelia is your girl! We hope you can keep up because when she starts going she doesn't stop! Sometimes we think that Amelia's head is going to burst with the amount of knowledge she has locked up in there!

Position: The Chatty One

Favorite Fabric or Notion: Lola, La-la-la-Lola (Don't worry folks she is dancing while she is singing)


Carolyn is the queen of dance in this shop! She loves everything that is bright and wild but don't be afraid to tell her to calm it all down for your style! Carolyn loves sewing and experimenting to learn new things! And look out for her because now that she has her own Laura Ashley, she is a woman on a mission!


Position: The Master of Mondo

Favorite Fabric or Notion: The Mondo, Midi, and even the Bitty


Not only is Jean the expert when it comes to anything Mondo but she loves rulers, jackets, purses and quilts galore! Jean is here with a smile and ready to help you with whatever your sewing and quilting needs may be! And trust us Jean knows her stuff!


Position: The Little Helper

Favorite Fabric or Notion: "I really love it all and I love to sew!"


Ashley is our little helper! She may be green in her classes at fashion school/college, but her knowledge will surprise you! But she doesn't stop at fashion! She just LOOOVES to sew, sew, sew! She keeps us young and hip with her trends and suggestions!

Position: The Fabric Slinger

Favorite Fabric or Notion: "One yard of each bolt."


Debbie is our go to gal for hauling and surfing (the internet that is!)

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